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Our selection of Women's red loafers, handmade

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Our selection of Women's red loafers, handmade

Our selection of Women's red loafers, handmade

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Moccasins for Women.

Moccasins for women: why are they so ultra trendy?

Fashions come and go. Trends come and go, but there are icons that resist the passing of time. We call these “timeless.”

Moccasins obviously form a part of the “must have” that a woman has to have in her wardrobe, come what may!

Moccasins are for all women, whatever their personality and lifestyle. They typically simply have this  “joie de vivre” of new adventures and discoveries in common which make out of life a journey filled with feelings and emotions.

Depending on the look that they are going with, moccasins can completely transform a woman’s outfit. They bring a chic and well-dressed look to a casual outfit and will complement an outfit with a more sophisticated look, matched with a jumpsuit or slacks. Whatever happens, the effect is achieved!

And for that little extra touch: leave your ankles uncovered to make it even trendier!

You can of course wear them on less formal occasions where dress is more relaxed. Moccasins adapt themselves to you and can in this case complete an everyday look, making it modern and elegant. What could be more pleasant than wearing a pair of shoes that are both comfortable and trendy?

With moccasins it is possible! And if adventure is in your soul , even better! Your pair of moccasins will be with you on all your expeditions, whatever the destination. With Holidots, you will easily find a pair of moccasins made for YOU. There are plenty of materials, accessories and colours so you can find the shoes that exactly match your desires and beautify your look.

So ladies, which pair are you going to succumb to?