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A large selection of men loafers, handmade

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A large selection of men loafers, handmade

A large selection of men loafers, handmade

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Moccasins for Men

The ‘never go out of style’ moccasins for men.

Moccasins have become a staple for summer days. Use them on your day-to-day trips or even when you are travelling to the other side of the world!

The footwear that goes with you everywhere.

People call them light and urban. But moccasins will be with you just as well on your most intrepid journeys. It is with good reason that they have made a huge comeback in trends in men’s footwear.

A reflection of a modern masculine generation keeping up with the times, moccasins are nonetheless the most ancient of shoes from a historical viewpoint . The first models made their appearance some 5500 years before our time.... the moccasin remade an appearance in the 1950s and the 1990’s before becoming a vital part of current trends.

Timeless, they can be worn just as well in summer as in off-season for a manly look which is both chic and relaxed. Wearing moccasins with bare ankles is part of today’s great trends.

Moccasin never go out of style.

Relatively understated, moccasins come in a true palette of styles.  It is here that materials, accessories and colours come into play. From one to the other, a moccasin can in fact completely change its look. In soft leather, in velvet or in nubuck, with tassles, laces or even decorated with a tab, each moccasin is unique and adapted to your-individual  taste.

If finishings make all the difference, it is because the pair of moccasins that you choose will be a reflection of your personality. So Gentlemen, hesitate no longer, wear your pair of moccasins with pride for comfort, fun and elegance!