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The high-end moccasin for men and women homemade

Moccasins are still as trendy in 2018! So did you choose your pair yet?

Manufactured originally by American Indian tribes, moccasins have been all around the world, frequently changing their name as men the world over slip them on.  The “mekzen” , the name attributed to moccasins by Canadian tribes, thereafter became the makasen, as a prelude to the adoption of its definitive name in the UK, the ‘moccasin.’

Thanks to the imagination of its creators, the wearing of moccasins has been progressively democratized. The luxury brand Gucci for example, showcased it in the 1960s by having the moccasin “mors” appear in famous French and American movies. It would become a true luxury icon.

During the ‘yé yé’ years, moccasins were also very much in fashion with the hip youth!

In the 1990s, the ‘drivers’ moccasin as it became known, met with quite some success in Italy where it was worn by drivers hurtling around the Amalfi Coast. The shoe has the advantage of having dimples under the outer sole which prevented ones feet from skidding off the pedals.

Today, moccasins are available in numerous forms and for all tastes. Encompassing all styles (chic, casual, urban), they feel as much at home as chic or as relaxing footwear. 

Holidots offers a wide collection of moccasins for both men and women in every style and for every season.

If you can’t manage to choose from our range, get to know our personalized moccasins. You choose the material, the style and the colour and Holidots will take care of getting your pair to you! In that way, you’ll be sure to be wearing moccasins made especially for you!

Comfort and elegance in perfect harmony, your moccasins will be with you wherever you go.