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Holidots, the moccasin in the colors of your emotions





The shoe that takes on the color of your emotions and sublime exceptional moments




Holidots is an invitation to the journey of the senses, with   An artisanal production   Of each shoe mastered for several generations with a choice of premium quality leather.

It is all in flexibility that one rediscovers the natural and aerial sensation, the fusion between the material and the foot. With simplicity and passion Holidots offers a unique experience, that of the feeling of comfort, lightness and freshness in color.

Holidots, far from the standards of fashion of the good chic kind, adds its grain of insanity and offers the power to choose from thousands of colors leather textures from the most classic to the most eccentric.

For Holidots, nothing needs to be more personalized than the shoe, which, by choosing colors, shape and texture, reflects our identity.

Because, absolute comfort should not be only the privilege of the privileged, to slip into Holidots is to be part of those who love quality and originality at a reasonable price.The noble materials are the only backdrops that Holidots offers to design each shoe.

Each pair is unique!




The flower of yellow leather chick, red kiss or lagoon blue, are part of the treasures that Holidots reserves. It is through travel that colors have become a no-brainer for the creators of Holidots.

As a shoe manufacturer for several generations, it was during many trips around the world that they came up with the idea of ​​offering touches of color to sublimate every new step.

Each time they arrived in a city, with their most comfortable shoes, they paced the streets in search of new sensations, new textures and new colors. Reliability in comfort and durability has made their moccasins indispensable companions. The only drawback, the monotony of the colors did not allow them to express their personality and to free themselves from conventional codes good chic kind.

At the corner of a paved street in Milan, in the middle of the Thai forest, on the Croisette in Cannes, in Saint Barth, or in the Rue des Francs-bourgeois in Paris, they reinvent what never leaves them: the moccasin.

Holidots is born from these journeys, like a desire to make each moment last, it is a state of mind, an art of living, a door open to the universe of sensations and emotions, like the world that offers Generously thousands of landscapes, colors and scents.

From this need to unleash the creativity that lies in each of us, they worked for several years to create the magic wand that will make each shoe a unique experience.

Holidots was born with more than 3 million possible combinations combined with authentic craftsmanship.

For the creators of Holidots, a shoe is a story, they also have a story for each Holidots pair, each piece of leather and each step in creating a pair.

With Holidots, each experience is unique, each can set the tone by the marriage of colors and textures to the liking of desires.

Color Of Life

The reason for being of Holidots, his philosophy?

Color every moment of life.

The pleasure of comfort, the expression of oneself to make intense every moment, is a new way to flourish while affirming its personality with style, fun and elegance.

Create your own style for your own lifestyle!