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Your customizable shoes: moccasins holidots

Bespoke moccasins. 

Thanks to Holidots, you can go for your very own look by choosing personalization of your moccasins! Style, material, colour… It’s you who make the choices depending on your taste and your personality.

Bespoke Moccasins from top to toe. 

Moccasins are shoes which allow your imagination and desires to run wild. In terms of material, you can choose between soft or grainy leather, nubuck, or velvet for an even more sophisticated look. 

In terms of style, there are plenty of choices also. Moccasins can be decorated with tassles, laces or a tab, which will give a both relaxed and chic look.

As far as colours are concerned, it’s not complicated: they’re all available! Choose those you would like the most from our huge palette of colours and we will take care of the rest!

Moccasins: the pair of shoes for an ultra-stylish look. 

Timeless footwear, moccasins have today reinvented themselves in all their styles, bringing together comfort and elegance from its creators. 

Able to be worn both in summer and winter,  moccasins are appropriate in any circumstances and in any season: there is no question that this is THE ITEM to complete your outfit and make the difference.

Because we know that life its full of surprises, we’re making our experience and knowhow available to you to provide bespoke moccasins in the quickest time possible. once you receive them, one thing is sure: you’ll never leave them!

Whether you want a pair of elegant shoes, neutral or highly coloured, you are bound to find your happiness in our bespoke moccasins catalogue.